Saturday, July 2, 2011

Ca Kho To – Braised Fish in Clay Pot

Serving: 4 Servings


1 Fresh salmon steak or catfish steak (about 1 lb or 1-1/2 lb)
2 Shallot (minced)
2 Garlic cloves (minced)
2 Scallion stalk (cut 1 inch on a diagonal)
3 Cilantro sprigs (garnish)

2 Garlic cloves (crushed)
2 Shallot (quarter)
3 Tbsp fish sauce
2 Tbsp nuoc mau (caramel sauce)
1 Tbsp light brown sugar

4 Tbsp fish sauce
3 Tbsp nuoc mau (caramel sauce)
3 Tbsp light brown sugar
1 Tsp white pepper powder
1 Can of young coconut juice
1 Tbsp cooking oil


1 - Marinade-Combine garlic, shallots, fish sauce, nouc mau, and light brown sugar in a zip lock bag. Close the bag tightly and shake until everything is well mixed, add the fish and shake again until the fish is coated with the sauce. Place the zip lock bag in a bowl and let fish marinade in the fridge for 30 minutes to an hour.
2 - Remove the marinaded fish, pat dry, and discard the liquid.
3 - Heat oil over medium high heat in a clay pot or Dutch oven. Add fish steak, let sear and brown on both sides. Then add scallion and enough coconut juice to cover the fish.
4 - Sauce-In a small bowl, combine fish sauce, nuoc mau, and light brown sugar. Stir everything together then add the mixture to the pot.
5 - Cover lid and turn heat to medium low. Let simmer for 20 to 30 minutes.
Check the sauce frequently to make sure that it did not reduced too much and is becoming too gooey, in which case just add and stir in more coconut juice. Taste and make adjustment as needed.
6 - Dust fish with white pepper powder and garnish with cilantro sprigs.
7 - Serve with hot white rice.

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