Saturday, July 2, 2011

Canh Rau Mong Toi - Malibar Spinach Soup

Canh Rau Mong Toi - Malibar Spinach Soup

Serving: 5 Servings


1/2 Gallon of water
1/2 Cup Dried shrimp
3 Slices of ginger
1 1/2 lb Rau mong toi


1 - Rehydrate dried shrimp in a medium bowl with warm water for about 1 hr, then drain and discard water.
2 - Add hydrated shrimp, ginger, and water to a stock pot, bring to a boil, then add rau mong toi and salt to taste. Continue to let soup simmer on medium low heat for another 30 minutes.
3 - Remove from heat and serve.

I prefer making this soup in the summer time, because unlike most soup this one you can enjoy it hot or at room temp. What I also like about this soup is that it's fast and easy to make, and you dont have to spend hours in the kitchen cooking on a hot summer day. It's also light, refreshing and good for your health.

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